What is WeKiki?

WeKiki is a web-based video party app. We believe it is where strangers become friends.

How do Parties work?

Each Party, our term for the livestream rooms, broadcasts live and can have up to four video participants from around the globe.

Parties have a sidebar where viewers can add comments or ask questions. Currently, support is in English, but Parties can be held in any language.

All Parties are currently open to the public. In the future, private rooms will become available for a small monthly fee.

Who can watch my Kiki?

It is possible to view Kikis without logging in, so in theory, anyone could be watching. It is not possible to comment or join the video stream without providing a Facebook account for verification, however.

WeKiki chose Facebook authentication because we believe it is the hardest to fake. User profiles will not link back to the user’s Facebook for privacy reasons, but WeKiki will gather the email associated with the Facebook in case we need to contact an offline user.

Is trolling allowed?

WeKiki does not allow targeted harassment. Please report such behavior if you see it. 

Do not shut someone out of your Party because of their ethnicity, gender, gender identity, appearance, nationality, neurotypicality, etc. You are allowed to bar someone from entry if you suspect they are misrepresenting their age. Please also try not to discriminate based on a person’s language ability–it’s hypocritical coming from monoglots.

WeKiki encourages a spirit of happiness, hope, and friendship.

Who can use WeKiki?

The short answer is anyone 13 and over. We welcome global users, any gender, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, etc. If you are offended by this principle, WeKiki might not be for you–try 4chan.

WeKiki is not for anyone under 13, another reason we chose Facebook authentication. No one under 18 is allowed within NSFW Parties. Parties tagged NSFW (Not Safe For Work) could potentially have adult content such as violence or nudity. Please do not enter a room marked NSFW unless you are willing to assume the risk that you will see something disturbing.

Are there any unusual rules?

Be nice. Don’t harass. Don’t judge someone before you know them. Don’t play music or music videos you don’t own… those all seem pretty fair. I guess we don’t have any unusual rules at this time!

Do you have any words of advice?

Yeah. Remember, for all you know, your mother is watching. Stay classy.