We’re Live… and other news

We had a successful launch on Sunday, March 5th.

The site started out laggy, choppy, heavy on CPU, and difficult to connect. We quickly started pushing periodic updates with minor improvements. Now, on Day 6, the difference is quite noticeable. Once users have connected, the streams are stable with around 17 viewers.

However, the initial connection capability still isn’t where we want it to be, and we want to be able to have a much larger viewer pool without there being video quality degradation.

So we’re still working.

Thank you for bearing with us as we improve.

You might have noticed that you can now enter clickable links in the sidebar chat, use GIFs as your profile image, and that the background is no longer a two-tone gradient but a simple color fade. We’re listening to your requests!

Please email me at support@wekiki.freshdesk.com if you’re having any issues connecting. You might also find that the community is quite helpful– join our Facebook group to connect with other WeKiki friends.

We’ll see you on WeKiki! 💖

Chugging along!

It tentatively looks like we’ll be done and ready to launch on Thursday, February 16th at 5 PM Pacific… I cannot believe how excited I am!

We’ve gotten a lot done thus far, so I wanted to start showing you some of the features.

Screenshot 2017-02-04 16.43.09.png

WeKiki login relies on Facebook to authenticate its users. That means no one under 13 and no one who is a registered sex offender. If you have a problem with either of these two policies… well, no one will.

There is an ability to “Lurk” which means that you can view the rooms but not interact with anyone. So if you’re feeling shy that day, you can still watch.

What that means effectively is: ANYONE COULD BE WATCHING, even your MOM. So keep it classy, folks. 😛


Once you login, you’ll be taken to see the various parties currently being hosted. The host appears to the left of the party name. So you can pick a good host, or try a new party entirely.

In the future, with the 2nd or 3rd roll out, the pink panel on the left will show what rooms people you’ve “friended” are in. (Friendship goes both ways so this visibility is double opt-in)

If you want to create your own party, you can hit the pink “+” sign above the list. It will take you to a screen that looks like this:

Screenshot 2017-02-12 18.24.41.png

Type in a party name…


And get started. If you anticipate that you will have content inappropriate for children under 18, please put “NSFW” in the title. If you are easily offended or are a minor, please avoid these rooms.


This is what a room that you are hosting will look like (only hopefully it isn’t pea soup green for long!)

Your video feed will have an “x” to allow you to hop off video but not out of the room–but if you leave no one on video, the room will close, so don’t do that yet!

Your profile picture in the lower left corner of your video will lead to your profile page for others, and the video toggle in the lower right corner will temporarily halt your screen (in case you need to burp or something!)

The right hand side has a chat scroll, which, I’m happy to say, is quite responsive. We’ve been impressed with its speed with our basic testing so we’re looking forward to load-bearing tests with you guys!


We also got video to start working. You can see the computer on the left is broadcasting video to the computer on the right. We even blocked the camera to “prove it” lol.

So I hope you’re excited! Don’t forget to sign up here to be notified of launch!

We’re getting there!

Last night Seo got one video feed up and running on our local network!

Today, she’s pretty busy with contract work so I think it’s unlikely we finish today, but we’re getting so close!

I’m beginning to put the word out about WeKiki, and it’s been so fun to see people’s reactions. 😀

Getting Started

Today is February 4th and it’s only 2 days after we started thinking about creating WeKiki… but here we are, building the accompanying site.

I prioritized legal information, of course, because I want to be transparent from the get-go.

There are only two of us, Seo-the developer, and me, Kiki-the marketer. That means building this site up might take a little longer than for, say, a team of ten!

A lot of what we’re doing today as Seo is doing her mad-dash build, is to work out the terminology and the little nitty-gritty details that didn’t make it into our UI sketches. (UI = User Interface, the screens basically)