About Facebook login:

  • Facebook login is only used to stop trolls
  • Once you login there will be no link to your Facebook
  • We don’t pull info from your Facebook besides an email address and your oAuth code
  • It will display your first name and Facebook image by default, but these are changeable
  • Even if someone “hacked” our secure servers, we’re not storing anything interesting
  • So you’re pretty safe.


On to the legal stuff…

The team at WeKiki wants to be as transparent as possible, so if you don’t understand any of the legal information we’re about to explain, feel free to contact us directly.

Before we get started, though, we’d like to stress that anything you broadcast, whether in chat or video, could potentially be recorded through third-party software and uploaded to sites like YouTube. So we’d encourage you to think before you speak or act–would I be comfortable if my mom viewed this? It’s a good rule of thumb to guide your behavior.

We’re going to break up the legal information into four different sections. We encourage you to read through them, but for your ease of use, we’ll put a short summary at the top of every section. Please be sure you’re fully aware not only of our rules, but also what we hope to provide for you.

  1. Privacy Policy
  2. Acceptable Use Policy
  3. Terms and Conditions
  4. Credits and Licenses